Auto parts did not "born File checked

The use of counterfeit parts auto repair charges are not uniform, which is the private car owners, vehicle maintenance and repair most intolerable. Yesterday, the the immediate detachment Yuzhong District of Chongqing Traffic Administrative Law Enforcement Corps Brigade Yuzhong District transportation management joint collaboration to established linkage joint logistics enforcement action group to carry out special rectification actions of a motor vehicle repair market. 4 visits to check area maintenance enterprises, dealt with an illegal cases.
Law enforcement officers, in accordance with the provisions of the automotive plant into the purchase of a vehicle accessories source, as well as the redemption of the parts in the vehicle warranty, conduct which maintenance of the registration. Inspection yesterday the Daping pengjiachang Garden automotive plant did not "file" in the auto parts and accessories how to how to do not know. The traffic enforcement Yuzhong District brigade ordered deadline for rectification, and in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, shall be sentenced to penalties of $ 500 to 3000.
Yuzhong District Battalion relevant responsible person said, if you encounter unlicensed operation and maintenance of the more classes using the product certification, the names and addresses of accessories and counterfeit parts, tariff, standards are not uniform and other conditions, can call 96096 complaints.

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